PR and Advocacy

A Happy affair, most likely the one you should be loyal to.

BrandMommy values relationships because we know their importance, so we are here to help you develop media relations, gain mastery in the art of public affairs, build a name in your industry using apt tools for Public Relations and Brand Advocacy. We love our clients way too much that we cannot afford to see any controversy malign their name, therefore, we do the crisis management and keep the threats offshore for you.

PR and Advocacy

We know where your true position lies in the industry; hence, we strategize the brand positioning as it is a brilliant thought to deal with. With the skills and drills of media training strategic alliances, we make pals with those who share the same mindset and can grow along with you, creating a win-win situation for all. To trade show we need to go and launch the product, so product launch and brand launch have to be big with the digital and media advocacy in line to get the best coverage from all the sources. A thoughtful mix of all the expert techniques leads us there in no time.

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